Clinical internships have begun!

Only a brief post to get things rolling.  I had the opportunity to do a two week international clerkship in Moldova (between Romania and the Ukraine) this summer.  It was great to get my feet wet again, to remember why I’m in this journey of PT school.  I had the opportunity to work in pediatric burns (a note to those in or considering PT school – never limit yourself saying you only want to work in X setting or with Y clients or never in Z – you just might find something you really really enjoy you weren’t expecting!).  I’m still processing the experience, and may do an additional post about it.

I’m now at an outpatient clinic for a large trauma hospital, and the learning curve is steep.  Learning to think like a clinician and put what I’ve learned into practice is a lot of work!  I’m finding that while it is challenging, I do find it very interesting and I want to learn more.  My CI is very knowledgeable in manual therapy and the clientele very diverse.  I have the opportunity to be in the ED once a week, and the foot and ankle clinic for half a day a week.  If you are in PT school, know your anatomy and neuro very well.  I know that might seem like common sense to PT’s, but I’m wishing I could have absorbed so much more in school.


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