Acute care – benefits of mobilization

I’m now in my acute care rotation, specifically in the trauma and neuro ICU’s (with occasional forays into oncology and general surgery).  While this is very different than outpatient, it is still a skilled profession (i.e. a PTA can’t just waltz in and do this).   So when I saw an article in the NY Times entitled  A Tactic to Cut ICU Trauma: Get Patients Up, I thought I might encounter how PT’s help in this setting.  Unfortunately they get just a passing mention, but it is interesting that PTSD can be a part of being in an ICU (strange place, beeping noises, alarms, people sticking you with needles or sucking your mouth dry, etc is probably pretty traumatic if you don’t remember why you are there and can’t talk, or you aren’t in your right mind at the time).

That brings up several issues to my mind – Who is doing acute care PT research, what are they researching and who are they collaborating with, and is that being disseminated farther than just the acute care journal?  Does the APTA represent acute care or inpatient rehab well enough (and what are the statistics of percentage of PT’s that practice in what area, vs what percentage belong to the APTA)? 

I like aspects of both OP and acute care – it will take me a bit to really figure out what to do come June, especially if I find great things in rehab as well.


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