WA PT's won't manipulate this year

In an email from PTWA, our PTWA lobbyist Melissa Johnson states that –

“PTWA has learned that we will not receive a hearing on our spinal manipulation bills, HB 1918 and SB 5230.  Legislators have directed us to continue working with the Chiropractic Association after session ends to try to come to an agreement.  We knew at the beginning of session that this would be the likely outcome.  However, our advocacy during Legislative Impact Day and throughout the session has put us in a position of strength when we continue our negotiations this interim.”

Too bad that the CA holds power over EBP in the minds of our elected representatives.  I’m disappointed, but as she said it was the expected outcome this time.  It will be interesting to see how we can come to an agreement if we want the right and they don’t want us to have it.


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