What if Jackson Pollock was your patient?

Jackson Pollack Studio Floor

Jackson Pollack Studio Floor,
originally uploaded by bitshaker.

If Jackson Pollock came in with shoulder and neck pain which were affecting his ability to paint, could you treat him? Of course – his body and biomechanics would be the same as anyone else. So why present him as a hypothetical patient?  He reportedly dealt with clinical despression and substance abuse.  What would you do differently with him? My case study for graduation (which I hope to have published) is on a patient with neck and shoulder pain who also has severe mental illness and struggles with substance abuse (this is known in the literature as dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorder). While I present the treatment and result, I also address adherence and what I did to try and improve it.

Adherence is low already in the SMI population – add on substance abuse and there is a whole additional realm of interpersonal interaction and issues with adherence (there are not a lot of studies in general that are specific to this population, and none relating to PT). If I don’t get it published, I will publish some or all of it on the blog – stay tuned. Now I need to get back to writing it.


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