I'm back!

Neon Coffee

Sorry for the long delay. I didn’t read the fine print regarding the word limit for my case study, and have spent the last two weeks severely editing it (I was a history major, and am still learning that writing history is different than writing for science/ health care). But hopefully I’ll only have minor tweaking and formatting left for it – right now I’m ahead of deadlines, which gives me more time to get my other research project done on older adults and adherence to exercise. I’ve also been working longer hours as I get my feet wet in a rehab setting. While I don’t have a new PT research related post today (I just finished the case study report and presentation edits about 10 minutes ago in my local coffee shop), I hope to do some research for some of my patients and post one or two summaries here this weekend. Keep an eye out for reports on acute stroke, RA, balance problems, post-ortho surgery, and others! I’m enjoying this clinical – a great group of therapists in a nice facility, and I enjoy working with the patients – while there is some rotation of who we work with, there are several that I work with daily.  I’m looking forward to getting back into the literature for articles related to my current caseload for a while and taking a break from possibly adding to the literature!

Photo Credit: Neon Coffee, originally uploaded by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid


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