PTWA Spring Conference

lobby at the Davenport

I would never have expected a hotel like this to be in Spokane – it is so ornate, so luxurious. And the Spokane Falls are something to behold. Back to the reason we’re here….

This morning John Barnes (APTA CEO, not the other one) gave a presentation on the state of healthcare reform and how the APTA is positioned. I appreciated that he simply stated what everyone agrees on and what they don’t, and how the APTA can participate and move forward.  I did miss out on the town hall forum at lunch in favor of sunshine, a walk, and the falls however.

I’m attending a 2-day presentation on geriatric orthopedics by Jennifer Bottomley, PT, PhD. She is a great presenter, and today was a great review of aging on body systems and modifying some tests for the patient. It seems to be more directed toward outpatient, but I can still come away with things for working with my SNF patients. More thoughts/ comments tomorrow – I need my sleep as I have a long drive tomorrow night.

Photo credit: lobby at the Davenport, originally uploaded by moomoobloo.


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