Patients with a stroke – what is best?

Multiple Angioma Brain Ventral with Siderosis

I’m in a SNF setting right now, and am working with several patients who have experienced a stroke. I’m also a member of the neurology section (and ortho and geriatrics as well), and am on the listserve. Today I’m finally trying to get through a bunch of emails, and came across an email from the Neuro Section with a link to read and discuss a column in the recent neuro PT journal (a commentary on current PT practice). The column, written by Katherine Sullivan, PT, PhD, FAHA, calls into question the use of specific approaches to treatment for patients with neuro problems (NDT, Bobath, and Neuro-IFRAH which I’ve never heard of). One part that stuck out to me was “The time has come to let go of the neurophysiologic approaches as a basis for neurologic physical therapy education and practice. Instead, we should discuss the therapeutic principles that drive the nervous system to respond and adapt.” I thought I would post it as it continues my processing of how would I treat (and how I would choose continuing ed classes).

Picture credit: Multiple Angioma Brain Ventral with Siderosis, originally uploaded by gliageek.


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