Interupting sedation for PT/OT

Lancet Window

The latest issue of the Lancet online (May 14th; I read about it on Medscape – join the mailing list at has a study where they interupted sedation daily for PT/OT for pts who had been vented 69 (excluding those who had a rapidly developing neuromuscular disease, an MI, increased ICP, an amputation of any limb, or 50%+ chance of dying in the next six months). This was an RCT with the intervention being daily PT/OT during interuption of sedation, starting with PROM and progressing to tolerance and medical stability, and the control group having sedation interupted but standard of care otherwise.

I’m not reviewing the whole study as I’m not in acute care right now, but I was interesteed in it based on my inservice and previous posts, and those posts were a popular series according to the blog stats. The authors did report greater independent functional status, less delirium, more vent-free days in first 28 days, higher Barthel scores, greater unassisted walking distance, with no difference in length of hospital or ICU stay. If you want to read more about it, subscribe to Medscape or Lancet, or if you have online access to Pubmed you might be able to get it through there.

Picture credit: Lancet Window, originally uploaded by indigo_jones.


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