Graduation – finally!


Last night we had the PT Program celebration, and today I walked with about 15 of my classmates at Commencement. It has been a long road, and my wife has been incredibly supportive. It seems strange that yesterday was the last time I would see all the class at the same time. It also seems strange that I am now a graduate physical therapist – no longer line of sight required, or explaining my rationale to a CI (looking forward to being a physical therapist after the licensing exam!).

What does it mean to be a graduate physical therapist? I view PT as a profession, not just a job, but I also don’t define myself (who I am or what I am to do) by my occupation. I think there are responsibilities in life that tie into but go beyond being a PT. But what are my responsibilities in my new profession? A few things right now really stick out as important to me – practicing with the best evidence in an empathetic manner, billing ethically, staying current in the literature to improve my practice for my patients, volunteering in some capacity, encouraging current and future students, avoiding burnout…

I hope to post two recent articles (regarding THA and Parkinsons that I hoped to use before the end of my last clinical) before we leave for a brief vacation. Congratulations to all the new grads, both here and throughout the US!

Picture credit: tassel, originally uploaded by sarah1rene.


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