Celebration time!


I took the test on Monday – the first few sections went well, the last few were brutal and I was really wondering if I passed (especially when I remembered after I left that I had screwed up a very basic question!).   I was surprised to receive the results from my state DOH today – I passed! There is much rejoicing in our household today – the end of 3 long years, and the beginning of a great career. As soon as I submit my transcript I can be fully licensed….

So I’ll be back to blogging shortly. I need to take care of an entry at Physiopedia (sorry Rachael!) and deal with 2 manuscripts, but I am looking regularly at how new research could be applied to my patients and will be blogging about it.

For students who are preparing to study for it: I used Scorebuilders PT Exam by Giles. Our class did a bulk order after comparing that one, O’Sullivan, and another one (Meyers I think). Generally we preferred the layout and the tables in Scorebuilders. Classmates who had tested before me encouraged me not to be depressed by my practice test scores from the book as they had not “passed” the practice tests either. While I cannot state what was on the test (addendum: and no one told me), I will say that if you have one section on the practice tests that is consistently lower, use your class notes to supplement your studying. I used the book over 3-4 weeks.

Photo credit: Celebrate, originally uploaded by Furryscaly.


2 responses to “Celebration time!

  1. Hey, No problem, glad you remembered me, just get in touch if you’d like any assistance and….. BIG congratulations, you deserve it!! Rachael

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