exercise, hips, and the UE/LE divide

Young & Old, Let's Get it On!

Cleaning out my inbox and catching up on literature/ news – just an abstract if you will of what I’m reading that is relevant to my current caseload…..

1. ACSM issued a position statement/ review/ guidelines for exercise and physical activity in the July 2009 issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. “The evidence reviewed in this Position Stand is generally consistent with prior American College of Sports Medicine statements on the types and amounts of physical activity recommended for older adults as well as the recently published 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.” (thanks to Medscape for the review/ CME on it).

2.  In BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, a systematic review of PT after elective THA found that “insufficient evidence exists to establish the effectiveness of physiotherapy exercise following primary hip replacement for osteoarthritis. Further well designed trials are required to determine the value of post discharge exercise following this increasingly common surgical procedure.” 

3.  In Arthritis Research and Therapy, a systematic review of exercise therapy for management of hip OA found that there is limited information out there (apparently guidelines have been based on knee OA?) so no conclusions could be reached.

4.  If you are a member of the neuro section, there has been an interesting discussion on the listserv regarding the OT/PT divide of UE/LE’s (I’ve experienced it in acute care and rehab rotations, and now at my current position).

5.  I plan to make some changes to the blog in the next few months – details forthcoming!

Photo credit: Young & Old, Let’s Get it On!, originally uploaded by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker.


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