table of outcome measures

Blue Tape Measure

I’m creating a table of outcome measures at home along with a file of the measures themselves at work. I’ll post the table online when I get closer to being done, but if anyone is interested in helping out I would be grateful.

For each outcome measure I’m listing the ICF measure it falls under, as well as specific information for each (patient population it has been tested on with resulting reliability/ validity/ minimum detectable change/ minimally clinically significant difference/ likelihood ratios for each population as available, and the reference of the study).

Right now I’m working on the basics: TUG, Berg, DGI, POMA, 6MWT, LEFS, and gait speed. I plan to add the Stroke Impact Scale, NIH Stroke Scale, NPRS, ABC scale, WOMAC osteoarthritis index, and Fugl Meyer. Any others I have missed or should add? Want to help? You can email me at the yahoo address under “about me.”

Photo credit: Blue Tape Measure, originally uploaded by Darrren Hester

Addendum 2/14: I have created a page for outcomes where I have links to outcome resources and will place my summaries for each outcome I look in the literature for.


4 responses to “table of outcome measures

  1. I have the link under “Resources – General PT” – it does have quite a few that I’ve never heard of, but it looks like updates occur regularly as I’ve found more specific data for some (specific to patient populations) and they also don’t have others (the Berg and the TUG, e.g.). Thanks for sending the link!

  2. Would you be interested in compiling this work inside Physiopedia? Take a look at the work we have started –

  3. Rachael – Sure, it will take time (like the ambulation on vents page), but I can do it.

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