Hip resurfacing case studies


Here is an interesting abstract/ paper. Just because hip precautions have been lifted doesn’t mean that there won’t be problems or that PT’s can be aggressive with treatment (Addendum: as my wife pointed out, we don’t know the PT side – it would have been interesting to have included it somehow, including what was done, clinical reasoning, etc.).

Judkins TR, Dayton MR. Femoral neck fracture during physical therapy following surface replacement arthroplasty: a preventable complication? A case report. Patient Safety in Surgery 2010, 4:3. (linked to PDF of paper – Open Access)

This case report describes two cases of peri-prosthetic fracture during physical therapy in patients who underwent a hip resurfacing, or surface replacement arthroplasty. The fractures occurred with forceful passive combined flexion and external rotation. Functional results were ultimately obtained in both cases, requiring conversion to total hip arthroplasty. Recognizing patient risk factors and cautioning therapists about the possibility of fracture may have prevented these complications.

Photo credit: bluegreen_owie, originally uploaded by Cindy Funk


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