Tony Cragg - Bent of Mind

JOSPT has published a great article about hyperkyphosis. They briefly present possible causes and the prevalence, the three reliable ways of measuring (radiograph, debrunner kyphometer and the flexcurve ruler; measuring occiput to wall hasn’t been compared to the gold standard of radiographs), the effects of hyperkyphosis, risk factors, and current treatment options.

Katzman WB, Wanek L, Shepherd JA, Sellmeyer DE. Age-Related Hyperkyphosis: Its Causes, Consequences, and Management. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2010; 40:352-360.

Another interesting abstract (I can’t access the study through PubMed) presents the use of manual therapy for treatment of hyperkyphosis – the kyphosis improved but it was unclear apparently about improvement in pain and QoL.

Photo credit: Tony Cragg – Bent of Mind, originally uploaded by Haags Uitburo


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