Adherence study poster

Old Woman's Walk, Plaza Corredera, Cordoba

I am posting a pdf copy of the poster of the research on older adult adherence to group exercise which I presented here at ExPAAC (the abstract is available here; a big thank you to Dr. Basia Belza in being my preceptor and mentor in the study – we hope to finish data analysis and publish it soon). This was a very good conference, with outstanding speakers (personally I think the last day was the best as it appealed to my interests the most, but I learned a lot at each session). The conference should have the sessions up soon to listen to (Powerpoint and audio), and I would recommend anyone to check it out.

Gillette – Poster for ExPAAC

Picture credit:  Old Woman’s Walk, Plaza Corredera, Cordoba, originally uploaded by mcohen.chromiste


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