Radiation Fibrosis, and LBP/muscle activation in gait for seniors

Two interesting articles that are not part of my required curriculum but are applicable to my recent caseload:

Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome – I can’t access this article through the UMN, but I did do a PICO question during school for reduced ROM due to radiation-induced fibrosis.  I recently had a patient with radiation fibrosis resulting in reduced ROM/ strength/ sensation – if you have had a patient undergo chemo or radiation years ago, it may be helpful to know the treatment parameters (radiation field, chemo agents used, any surgical procedures, etc) to give a better picture for past medical history and how it may direct your treatment and impact outcomes.

Low back pain and muscle activation during gait in older adults – again, I don’t have access to this article, but I’ve requested a copy.  It will be interesting to see the discussion section, given their results: “The control group participants activated their lower rectus abdomini muscles (P < .05) and right internal oblique muscles significantly more than did the LBP group (P < .05), whereas the LBP group activated their left lateral erector spinae and both lumbar multifidi sites significantly more than did the control group (P < .05).”


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