Returning to the blog (and life)

Extension Plans

I have been away from the blog for about 6 months. Six months of early morning coffee, studying for the GCS, and of coming to and through personal and professional crises and realizations of sorts. It has been a tough road, but I’m glad I’ve done it (and even more glad it is over!). After the test I was just thankful I was done, but now I’m anxiously waiting for the results, as well as waiting for spring here in the Twin Cities.

Now I’m back to the blog. I’ve recently taken a very interesting course on surgery and back pain, which has stirred my interest in pain science. You can expect to see reviews of articles about pain as well as articles I’ve come across in reviewing the literature for patient cases, thoughts on aspects of the profession (such as my review of the iPad in the clinic for documentation and education, G-codes, social media, and reflections on the residency), and occasional tangents on therapy-related topics. I also plan to update and revise various links on the blog, so stay tuned as the blog continues on!

Photo credit: Extension Plans, originally uploaded by MarkyBon


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