Knee osteoarthritis – treatment and pain research


On vacation last week, I came across a bunch of helpful articles and reviews on knee OA. To start, apparently runners don’t get knee OA, which goes against commonly accepted belief in the general public. For those with knee OA, for conservative treatment acupuncture does not help when combined with exercise, TENS does not help as an adjunct to education and exercise, and exercise is a staple in conservative treatment but most modalities are a placebo (for those who opt for a TKA, you can measure their progress with the KOOS).

The most interesting article I read was a review by Girbes et al about OA and central pain processing or pain central sensitization, which was followed up a few days later by this fascinating video about OA and the brain. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to hear Lorimer Moseley at CSM.

Photo credit: IMG_8031, originally uploaded by Patty Mooney


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