More technology for balance and older adults

Is gaming technology for balance impairments passe?  The Wii and video game rehab seems to have waned in popularity in rehab magazines and popular culture (our OT’s have one, not sure how much it is used).  I came across this study looking at step time using a similar idea to Dance Dance Revolution, and the Kinect system has a similar game (just not for the geriatric population).  I have used the Kinect for a research project in my residency – it is currently gathering dust in our family room. I would consider trying it out again, but one conclusion I had is that a therapist can get more reps of a balance challenging activity in using traditional methods compared to the video games I used.  Just because it is tech and new doesn’t mean it is relatively effective, although this study was something patients could do at home.  Another study would be how to motivate them for carryover instead of it becoming another piece of equipment gathering dust.


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