About me

head shotMy name is David Gillette, and I am a physical therapist in the Twin Cities. I am passionate about my profession – as a clinician, an educator, and as a consultant.  I have found my career in PT very rewarding, especially seeing patients and students succeed to their goals.  My CV is here, or you can keep reading.


Education & Professional Affiliations

I earned my DPT from the University of Washington in 2009, and completed my residency in geriatric physical therapy at the University of Minnesota in 2012 and earned the GCS in 2013. am a member of the APTA, the sections for geriatricsorthopaedics, and education, and the Minnesota chapter.

Clinical Practice & Philosophy

I practice at St. Therese Rehabilitation.  From May 2012 to July 2016 I was at the New Hope location where I treated older adults in the TCU, long-term care, and outpatient clinic.  In July I took a lead position in the developing Transitions by St. Therese, a TCU at North Memorial Medical Center which is a Level-1 trauma center in Robbinsdale, MN.

I believe that evidence-based practice should be the basis of treatment, with outcome measures tracking patient progress as the patient and I work together to maximize the patient’s function and meet their goals.  My clinical interests include balance and falls and neurological and orthopaedic conditions (especially hips and knees), and I am interested in adherence to exercise in older adults.


I am Clinical Faculty for St. Catherine University’s DPT program for their 1st-year students in their Integrated Clinical Education program.  I also regularly take full-time students, both 1st year (using a 2:1 model) as well as 3rd year students.  Additionally I am a preceptor at the Diabetic Foot Clinic at the Indian Health Board in Minneapolis as a part of the University of Minnesota’s DPT program.  My teaching philosophy is here.

I have presented several CEU courses, one specific to adherence to exercise, and one with two co-presenters on balance and falls.


While at the UW I conducted research under the guidance of Dr. Basia Belza of the School of Nursing/ Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems, examining adherence of older adults to the EnhanceFitness program.  The research was funded in part by the TL1 Predoctoral Clinical Research Training Program.  Preliminary data was presented at a poster session for the program in September 2008, partial analysis of the final data was presented at a poster session at the ExPAAC 2010 conference, and we published it in The Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy.  I have had the honor of giving several guest lectures on adherence to UW PT students in REHAB 513 (Elders – ’08-’11).   I hope to continue to conduct research on this, as well as on hip fracture rehabilitation.  Clinical education continues to be of interest as well.

I have also published/posted a review of the literature regarding ambulation of vented patients on Physiopedia (results of an inservice in my acute care rotation).


I’m a husband to an outstanding wife of similar persuasions and interests – we are exploring what Minnesota has to offer in the great outdoors as well as kid friendly activities.  We also enjoy finding local coffeeshops, brewpubs, and wineshops, and have been known to cut the rug a bit – rumba, salsa, cha cha, waltz, foxtrot and even night-club two-step (although a recent addition to our family has changed some of what we do).  This is my third (and final) career, but if I were not a PT, I’d probably be a photographer, so you may see my pictures in the postings.


The posts herein are my own thoughts and reflections, are directed toward medical professionals, and should not be construed to be advice, medical or otherwise.  If you are a consumer, please consult your own medical provider to determine what you should do if you believe you have a medical condition similar to what I may describe or post about from the literature or my personal experience.  If you are a practitioner, please read the studies for yourself if you are interested in the results.  The material herein also does not reflect the positions or beliefs of my employer, the U of M or SCU PT programs, or where I may have volunteered, studied, interned, or worked.  No post will contain material in violation of HIPAA or the IRB.  Any links provided are done so with the understanding that the reader may find them useful, and that the blogger is not held responsible for the content found through that link.


4 responses to “About me

  1. Nice work on your website and blog – I have bookmarked it for future reference as well! Nice to see your strength and conviction for EBM on behalf of our geriatric population.


    • Thanks JoEllen. I’m glad to know that the blog and website are helpful – I hope that it helps further other PTs’ interest in EBP for older adults.

  2. Hey great website! Given your background, I thought you might be interested in a conference we are having in Boston on June 3-4. Check out our website for info on that conference, as well as tons of resources and an awesome advisory board.
    Hope to see you there! – Art Horne

    • Thanks Art. I’ve already used up all my continuing education money (and then some) so a trip to Boston would be out of the question. If you ever put something together specific to the older athlete or active older adult I would be willing to look for money on the sidewalk to head out your way! – David

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